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Learning Centre

Rohini Gopinath

Programme Coordinator | Learning Centre for Excellence Raveendra Hospitality Private Limited

Mob: +91 96337 888 44


Learning is a never ending process, whether in profession or in life. We need to be charged always to have better prosperous and to have better living. This is achieved through continuous process of learning. At learning centre we conduct regular classes and in-house training which makes not only great professionals but great human beings, human beings of great value.

Trainings being personally conducted by our Managing Director - Mr. Ratheesh R. Nath combines his professional experiences and knowledge along with practical hands on has become a prerequisite for any professional. We do conduct regular workshops as well in-house trainings for interested companies and hoteliers across the country.

Our high energy workshop on Living with Pride covers: Attitude change, Values in life such as Honesty, Integrity, Self Esteem, Discipline and Respect, Success mantras in life.

Our Customer oriented workshop on Customer Relationship covers: Converting a customer into a client, Customer retention, Handling Customer issues positively and Role plays.