True Kerala

Kadathanadan Kalari Centre & Navarasa Kathakali

Where to Watch Kerala’s Classical Dance Form – Kathakali

Kerala has a well-known rich tradition and culture that has been the awe of the world for ages and generations. Situated in the southern part of India, Kerala always secured the hot spot for various tourism activities on various counts. After touring the intricate backwaters, mesmerizing hills stations and the tantalizing beaches, people flock to explore the unique culture of… Read more →

Cheraman Juma Masjid

Sneak Peek into the Bygone Muziris Heritage

It is worth reminiscing about the past once in a while. A past cloaked in grandeur and splendor, a past that speaks of the wonderful life and the most glorious history that Kerala once had, is worth a visit; or rather many visits. Muziris was a past that vanished off the grid, only to reappear when it chose to, making it clear that history will… Read more →


Glimpses of the Rich Traditional Kerala Architecture

Kerala, the wonderful state in Southern India has a culture and tradition found nowhere in the rest of the country. The same goes for the architecture in Kerala, where you can see buildings, palaces and monuments built with local resources and in perfect harmony with nature and climatic conditions. It is worth noting that the materials used for constructing religious… Read more →

Be a Pakka Keralite this month

Be a ‘Pakka’ Keralite this Month

Kerala still remains an enigma to its ardent lovers who come back here time and again to enjoy its multiple facets. Apart from its rich cultural heritage and Nature infused with magic, there is something else that lures people to this haven. And it is no wonder that people are attracted to Kerala during the post monsoon months. The beauty… Read more →

Most Popular Festivals in Kerala

Most Popular Festivals in Kerala

Festivals in Kerala are always celebrated with much pomp and show. The festive seasons display the best of Kerala’s rich culture and heritage. You will not want to miss the vibrant colours, exotic fragrances, scintillating music, and century long traditions that set each festival apart from the other. Here is a quick rundown on the popular festivals celebrated around the year in Kerala…. Read more →

Ayurveda in Kerala - The Beginners Guide

Ayurveda in Kerala – The Beginners Guide

Ayurveda is a traditional natural treatment system that originated in India at least 5000 years ago. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term, comprising the words Ayus (meaning Life) and Veda (meaning Knowledge or Science). Ayurveda, is therefore by definition, the knowledge (or science) of life.  Ayurveda is hailed worldwide as a therapy that promises holistic wellness of the body, mind and soul. It involves… Read more →

Photo Essay: Portraying the Real Life In Kerala

Photo Essay: Portraying the Real Life In Kerala

Kerala even though is a very small state in India, it is rich in its cultural diversity. You will find followers of almost all the major world religions here. This completely reflects in Kerala culture and traditions. The hush and rush of city-life interspersed with calm and quiet villages – that is what you can expect in Kerala. Yes, there… Read more →

Munnar Hill Station

A Dozen Shades of Green: Lets Enjoy Kerala Greenery!

Kerala , The Green Paradise! The lush greenery greets you everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are in city, suburban  or a rural village, the green flora beckons you. The color green is the color of nature, fertility and of life.  It is the color of balance. It symbolizes harmony, well being and growth. It is said to be the… Read more →