Kerala Festivals


Into the land of Mahabali and Onam – Onattukara

In Kerala, the Onam season has just finished. But the memories created during each Onam carry on forever. People visit their near and dear ones and spend time with them to celebrate the special occasion of Onam, and they carry these memories with them when they go back.  In this article, we will talk about a place that’s special for… Read more →

Be a Pakka Keralite this month

Be a ‘Pakka’ Keralite this Month

Kerala still remains an enigma to its ardent lovers who come back here time and again to enjoy its multiple facets. Apart from its rich cultural heritage and Nature infused with magic, there is something else that lures people to this haven. And it is no wonder that people are attracted to Kerala during the post monsoon months. The beauty… Read more →

Cochin Carnival

A Sneak Peek on Cochin Carnival 2015

Cochin Carnival, one of the biggest bashes at Fort Kochi in Kerala, will be 31 years old in January 2016. The whole of Kochi awaits this huge event with games, parties and a procession of caparisoned elephants, accompanied by the beating of drums and music. History of Cochin Carnival Let’s dive into a little bit of history about the Cochin… Read more →

The Devout Traveler’s Guide to Sabarimala

The Devout Traveler’s Guide to Sabarimala

Sabarimala, the erstwhile land of Lord Ayyappa, is a famed religious destination in South India where thousands of devotees come from everywhere and seek blessings – some for the first time in their lives, some for the nth time. History Sabarimala has an interesting mythological history, linked to the lives of King of Pandalam, who had no offspring of his… Read more →

9 Fascinating Facts About Onam

9 Fascinating Facts About Onam

Onam is without doubt the most popular secular festival in Kerala. It is celebrated annually with great pomp and splendor by all Malayalees, irrespective of caste, religion, background or status. God’s own country is gloriously transformed during the season of Onam to celebrate the visit of King Mahabali. From vibrant floral decorations to tantalizing feasts, Onam is a time to truly relish the… Read more →